May/June 2017 Newsletter

Growing Tree’s Newsletter


Director’s Message
Dates to Remember:
May 5: Last day to register for Summer Camp for guaranteed space.
May 18: School Picnic – Thursday, 5-7 p.m.
May 29: Memorial Day – no school
June 15: Redwoods Graduation 9:00 a.m. (Graduates to arrive by 8:45 a.m.)
                 Sequoias Graduation 5:30 p.m. (Graduates to arrive by 5:15 p.m)
June 16: Cedars Celebration at 10:00 a.m. here on GROWING TREE LAWN.
                LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!
June 20 – August 11: Summer Camp 9:00-1:00 daily, early drop off available 8:30-9:00.
August 31: Open House
How can it be that another year has come and gone?! Where does the time go? It seems like just yesterday that we were busy getting to know your children’s individual personalities and discovering all the funny little idiosyncrasies that set them apart from their peers. The fun thing is, while we teachers work so hard at this, your children have learned about each other effortlessly – They are intuitive, observant and nothing passes them by! They know each other’s likes and dislikes, what makes them sad, what makes them happy. Just like in a family, each classroom of children is learning the important lesson that we’re all a little different but we all need to get along. They are learning the fine arts of negotiation, cooperation, empathy and patience. Your children are growing into really great little people and we love watching it happen year after year!
Graduations and Celebrations are just around the corner – exciting stuff! So be sure to read the dates and times listed above for your child’s event! If your child will be unable to attend their graduation/celebration, please let their teachers know.
We’re also getting geared up for some summer camp fun! Be sure to return your completed camp registration form no later than May 5th for guaranteed spaces.
Nice weather is finally returning, so please remember to apply sunscreen as necessary before coming to school.
You may have noticed our new ADT signs. Our school is now monitored inside and out to provide added security for our children and their school. Your children’s safety is our #1 priority!
We look forward to seeing all of you at the Growing Tree Family Picnic on Thursday, May 18 5-7. Be sure to bring the whole family! Let’s celebrate the end of the year with some good food and even better company!




We hope each and every one of you had a sunny and relaxing Spring Break! We were astonished by just how much each of our little friends had grown in that short week that we were all away. Everyone came back to school happy to jump right back into their routine and so excited to share with us all of their adventures over the break. SARINA told us she went home. MILES added that he went home too. ADELINE shared with us that she went to the farm and saw a piggy and that it was running and it was funny! RHYS added that he went to the farm too. ASHER told us that he saw a duck, a big duck, like Mommy in the pool. DREW shared that he went to the park and played with a shark. ROMAN told us that he saw a crab at the beach. So many fun stories!
After sharing our Spring Break adventures, it was time to dive right into our Ocean theme! We imagined what it would be like to go under the water, deep into the ocean, to see what we could see? ALEXANDER told us that he saw lots of fish. MACK said he saw the shark and that he liked sharks! NATALIE shared that she could see a ‘bananapus in the ocean’. Later that week in circle, we were ready to do it all over again when ELLA questioned, Are we going under the sea again? Well, of course! Miss Jill brought a very animated rendition of Baby Shark to our circle time one morning and it was a hit! AUSTIN and DREW had the biggest smiles on their faces, GWYNNIE and MACK couldn’t contain their giggles. And as we got to the ‘swim faster’ part, it was a full blown giggle party in the room. Hearing your child’s laughter is honestly one of THE best things about sharing our days together. It is truly contagious! We also perfected our Slippery Fish song for ocean theme. JAMESON has the ‘Oh, no!’ down pat. He has so much joy in his expression as he claps his hands to his cheeks. Then we question, Who ate the slippery fish? JACKSON announces “me”! Haha, we love it! While making our ocean sensory bottles one morning at art, DREW announced that he made an ocean and NATALIE added a blue ocean. We also enjoyed a special snack…blue jello with gummy fish in it! Of course, it was a hit! SARINA said we’re eating the ocean and NATALIE agreed that we were indeed eating the ocean. ROMAN said that it was a fish that we were eating and SARINA added that she ate fish at home…goldfish!
We ended the month off with our Construction and Transportation themes! We talked about all the different ways in which we can travel somewhere. We talked about driving in cars to get to school in the morning and going on BART to get to San Francisco. BRENDAN added that it’s a BART train. That’s right! We also talked about traveling to places far away in the airplane. SONYA told us that she was going to go to Hawaii in the airplane. BRODY added that he went to Hawaii, too, in the airplane. While making airplanes for art, JACK shared that he was flying to Mexico in his plane and GWYNNIE told us that her plane was going to Disneyland. MILES added that he went to Disney World with Mommy and Daddy on the airplane. We spent a lot of time working with tools (play tools that is) during construction week! MIYA loves twisting the screws into the work bench and RHYS told us that he needed a wrench to help. While singing our song about tools, CLAIRE sang “This is the way we saw the wood”and BRODY added that it’s like a knife. Yes, it is! These kids are amazing us more and more each day! It’s truly remarkable to look back at where were started and to see just how far we’ve come this year! Our circle times fly by as we’re all sitting and listening with such intent. We’re sitting on actual circles now in preparation for our Maples class next year and raising our hands to answer questions about our colors and shapes! We are full of knowledge and it comes out even during the simplest little moments. For instance, while eating our Chex Mix for snack one morning, the children all impressed us! SONYA declared that she found an oval, ELLA announced that she found a half moon, AVERY added that she found a circle, and ADELINE shared that she had a square and a triangle. We couldn’t be more proud of our precious little Seedlings class that have now each blossomed into little growing trees ready to take on what’s in store for them ahead. We want to thank each and every one of our amazing families for entrusting us with your babies and letting us grow with them this year. We’ve had a spectacular time and couldn’t have done it without all of you!
Coming up next month is another favorite theme for our class…it’s Book Theme! We will be looking for volunteers to come in and share your child’s favorite book with our class. Then we’ll finish the year off with bugs and the jungle!
Don’t forget to mark your calendars for the Growing Tree Picnic on Thursday May 18 from 5-7 PM. We’re looking forward to seeing the whole family there!
Miss Erin, Miss Evelyn, and Miss Jill


We are already in May and the year has gone by so fast! We are going to miss this group of children. They have all grown so much over the past year and we have had the privilege of watching their little personalities come out! So many that were unsure at the beginning of the year, have developed so much more confidence. All of the children come into school looking for their friends and sharing stories with their teachers. It has been so much fun to watch the children’s friendships blossom over the year.

PAIGE, SUMMER and KEIRA are usually found playing together or asking where one of the others is. BROOKS, JULIO, RYAN and OWEN usually begin their mornings playing with cars. COLBY always greets each teacher so sweetly and has something to say about his shirt, shoes or special item he brought from home. CECELIA and EMILY check out what is on the art table before they begin their day. They both like to paint and Emily always says, “I’m making this picture for my mommy.” JACK gets excited when he sees the morning activity is cutting with scissors. While cutting pictures of bugs, he chanted, “Head, Thorax, Abdomen…” something we have been practicing during circle. JUSTIN is very independent with his projects and likes to complete the steps on his own. NELLIE, DALTON and CAROLINE like dressing, playing with and pushing the baby dolls in strollers. TOMMY and EMILIE find one of their favorite books to read while giving the teachers much-loved snuggles before venturing out to play with their friends. EMERY comes in and tells us, “I’m going to have a baby girl!”

Outside, BEN and CAL enjoy throwing a ball around together while telling one another, “To me. To me!” JACKSON and ELLIOT like to take turns going down the slide. SADIE says, “Watch me, I’m going to do a trick” as she slides down the slide. JILLIAN says, “Sadie, you are my best friend and I love you.” ELLA is always such a helpful friend. She always makes sure we know if someone is sad and even holds the lid of the outside toy box open to help a friend get a desired toy.

As the year comes to an end, we enter into the worlds of insects, space, rainforest life, and some art projects to prepare us for summer vacation. We would like to extend an informal invitation (a formal invite will be placed in your child’s cubby) to all of our Sprout’s Mommies for our Annual Mother’s Day Circle on Thursday, May 11th and Friday, May 12th. (If Mom can’t make it, a Grandma, Auntie, or any other woman in your child’s life is welcome! On these days, please arrive 15 minutes early for pick-up and join your child for circle. Your child will present you with a special gift they have made for you along with something special we have been practicing for this occasion. Thank you to all of the parents who came into read to the class!

We will begin taking the children on “Fieldtrips” to the Mulberries so they get a chance to become familiar with their new classroom for next year and meet their future Mulberries teachers as well. Please mark your calendars for our Annual School Picnic which will take place on Thursday, May 18th from 5-7pm. We hope to see everyone there!

As we are getting into warmer weather, please remember to apply sunscreen on your children. Happy Mother’s Day and Father’s Day to all of the mommies and daddies. We have thoroughly enjoyed having your children in our class and getting to know each and every one. We wish them the very best in the three’s class. We would also like to extend a very special “Thank you” to all of the amazing parents! Without your open communication and trust in us, this year would not have been such a success!!

Have a wonderful summer!!

Ms. Sarah,  Ms. Cynthia, and Ms. Liling




It’s hard to believe the end of the school year is rapidly approaching. We’re well into spring with summer right around the corner. What a rewarding year it has been! Your children have grown so much.

We returned to school after Spring Break refreshed and ready to dive right into our Luau Theme. Seems like many of you may have already visited that tropical paradise as witnessed by your children’s comments. LUKE shared, “I like the beach.” MELODY announced, “I like the shells on the beach. My sister likes shells, too.” OWEN remarked, “I like the waves.” KYLA stated, “The ocean is blue.” While DREW explained, “I like going to the swimming pool.” It’s inevitable that any Hawaii discussion with 3-year olds would include some talk of Moana. CASE told us, “I’ve seen that movie.” While playing with the Moana doll, JAKE noticed, “She has tangles just like me.” MILLIE added, “I’m gonna grow out my hair like Moana and Rapunzel.” REAGAN commented, “I like Maui. He’s nice.” We also had the opportunity to dress up with a grass skirt, leis, and Hawaiian print clothing. MAGGIE exclaimed, “Maui wears a grass skirt!” Out on the playground, we took the opportunity to make our own volcanoes. SORAYA commented, “Amazing.” As the “lava” flowed, TIMMY mentioned, “Lava is hot.” TEO said, “Looks like a waterfall.” TRISTAN contributed, “It has bubbles in it.” JAY stated, “It goes down like a stream.”

Our second week in April was all about taking care of Mother Earth and recycling. ALLISON declared, “Water bottles go in recycling.” to which DYLAN added, “Paper goes in recycling, too.” MARCO noted, “The recycling bin is blue.” MARGOT informed us, “We turn off the lights.” COLE contributed, “I turn off the water.” AMY offered, “Mother Earth will be so sad if the plants die. Daddies take care of the plants.” GRAYSON reminded us, “Don’t step on the flowers.” BROOKIE responded, “Flowers are pretty.”

By far our most exciting activity this month was our Family Earth Day celebrations. The children put a lot of effort into learning the songs and creating their flower sticks. They were so proud to be able to share this wonderful event with their families. The release of the ladybugs was the icing on the cake. JAMES noted, “They’re flying!” SAMMY observed, “Some have spots. Some don’t.” Thanks to all of you who took time out of your busy schedules to make this event special. It was much appreciated.

Our final week of the month introduced the cultures of Mexico and Japan. We experienced Mexico by playing a Mexican flag puzzle game, handling paper and coin pesos (COLTEN observed “These are shiny.”), silver jewelry, textiles and pottery from Mexico. We also made and ate quesadillas. JACE instructed us, “Eat it! It tastes like ice cream.” AUDRYA added, “It’s spicy.” When we asked the friends what goes into a quesadilla, we got some good answers. BEN said, “Hot sauce.” HUDSON offered, “Cheese and salmon.” NIKO stated, “Cheese and beans,” to which KATIE commented, “No, that’s a burrito.” In our discussions about Japan, we learned that they use different utensils to eat with and speak a different language. BRENNAN informed us, “I use chopsticks at Mommy’s and Grandma’s house.” We also saw some kimono silk, pearl necklaces (SAGE told us, “Necklaces are pretty.”), and paper and coin yen. Please take some time to admire our cherry blossom art posted in the classroom.

Continuing the international theme, we were lucky enough to have Anahita and Nikki (Soraya and Melody’s moms) come and teach us about Nowruz (Persian New Year) as well as play traditional music while we learned their dances. Anahita also donated a book entitled, The Meaning of Nowruz, which she wrote and illustrated. Nikki taught us how to say “hello” – “salaam.”

We finished up the alphabet with “Y” for yellow yarn and “Z” for zebra.

May and June themes include Dinosaurs, Outer Space, Summer Vacations, Water Play, Pond Fun and Look at All I’ve Learned This Year. We will also be working on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day gifts. Shhh!!! It’s a surprise!

REMINDER: The annual Growing Tree Family Picnic will be held on Thursday, May 18th, from 5-7 PM. Please plan to attend with any and all family members. It’s always a fun time.

As this is the final newsletter of the school year, we’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for the time you’ve allowed us to share with your family. We wish you all the best and look forward to seeing many of you at camp. Have a wonderful summer and please say “hi” as we see you around town.
Sharyn, Natasha and Kristin


photo (2)

The school year has really flown by! We can hardly believe that summer is around the corner! We are really looking forward to May and June as we have lots of fun activities to come before the end of the year. As we move into May, we will be inviting all the parents to attend our Alphabet Party, we will send out the dates for that shortly and it will be from 10-10:30. The children are very excited to sing our special alphabet song to you and show you how they have learned their letters. We will also share a snack together. We’re all looking forward to seeing you in school! Mother’s Day is just around the corner, so be looking for a special gift in your child’s cubby. Lastly, our Family Picnic will be held on Thursday May 18 from 5-7pm. This annual event is sure to be a fun time for all!
Your children have grown and changed so much since September. Everyone has worked so hard to learn to spell their names and recognize numbers; their counting is truly amazing! Ask them to sing their “days of the week” or “months of the year” song to you! MAE loved letting us all know that her name is in the “months of the year” song.
We are working with the children on learning the street and town that they live in. GREYSON loves to trick us and say that he “lives in Robot City,” while EVELYN joined in saying “Well I live in Princess City.” ETHAN told us “My daddy went on Big Ben, it’s in Moraga.” Too cute! We will definitely look for that on our map as we learn where everyone lives this week.
Sharing continues to be a favorite activity of all the children! It’s so great to see them getting used to standing up and speaking in front of their peers. COLBY sharing his dinosaurs says “They like to wiggle together.” SISI likes to get all smiley and shy when sharing but absolutely loves walking around and showing off the toys that she brings to show us.
All the children have really enjoyed school and have each made so many friends. TAYLOR comforted a friend who fell on the playground, “I fell once, but then I was happy again.” IRIS even included a teacher in a game, “Miss Bev, wanna play hide and seek?” LUCY and NATALIE love to help push their friends on the swings. LIZZIE excitedly told some friends “I’m gonna grow a magic sandbox at home!” WELLS told DECLAN, “You’re the best Declan ever!” to which Declan replied, “Thank you, Wells.” Such great manners!! Needless to say we hear and see some pretty great things on the playground!
In preparing for the Redwoods class next year, we have started practicing opening our own lunches, and they’re so excited when they’re successful without asking for help! OSKAR asked for some help one day and ALEXA encouraged, “You can do it, I know you can!”  We love seeing supportive friends!! TORSTEN is very proud of himself when he is willing to share the water bottle with his brothers. We asked ALY  “Do you want to eat some crackers?” to which she replied, “No, I want a cupcake!”
In May, we will continue our learning with Farm Animals, the Solar System, and Letters and Numbers, and the ever so fun Bugs and Insects. Our final two weeks of school in June will be spent talking about camping and summer fun. Our last day of school is June 16. Maybe we’ll be seeing you in summer camp! We have had such a great year with your children. We are honored that we have been able to be a part of your child’s growth and development. Thank you so much for welcoming us into your families and for being part of our Mulberries family. We will miss each and every one of you!

Miss Bev, Miss Kelly, Miss Robin, and Miss Carrie



photo 4

Wow! It is hard to believe that this is the last newsletter for the year! This year has flown by so fast and it is hard to believe that June is just around the corner! We want to thank you for sharing your children with us. We have loved watching them grow! The children are so happy and content in our daily routine; they have made such wonderful friendships with their classmates. Thank you all for your support, generosity, and enthusiasm for our class! We will miss each and every one of you!
Recently, we finished our alphabet sharing. Each and every child learned how to describe their sharing, to speak out loud in front of their peers, and enjoyed bringing in special items from home to match the letter of the week. They were very creative! For the remainder of the year, we will be practicing our numbers, shapes, opposites and more! The kids are so proud to share all they have learned!
BLAST OFF!!! We started this month learning about all the wonders of Outer Space and planet Earth. The children loved learning about all the planets in our solar system and were excited to share their knowledge with us about outer space. AIDAN H. is an expert at all things space and was excited to teach us about stars, “Stars make patterns in the sky (constellations)!”  NILS informed us about the Milky Way. He made sure we knew that it is NOT a candy bar but rather a solar system. ELENA was very excited about her moon, “The circles are called craters!” and CATE was proud to share her painting of planets (we used balloons to help us make perfect circles!). We loved reading and sharing everything we know about outer space, the planets and especially our planet Earth.
It is safe to say that Spring is here! The warm weather has brought out everyone’s energy and we are having a great time outdoors. During our “Spring” unit, the children enjoyed making lady bugs, butterflies, and beautiful spring flowers to help decorate the classroom walls. Of course, we have enjoyed the beautiful flowers blooming all over Growing Tree! EMMA and HADLEY enjoy pointing out the flowers to one another as we walk to the playground. While looking at all the beautiful flowers growing in our playground, EMME told us how excited she is for the apple trees to have blossoms. She promised to visit us next Fall so we can share an apple from the tree after lunch. ALI informed us that her favorite Spring flowers are the “ones that grow food. They are my favorite!” JACK enjoyed telling us about the flowers at his house: “I have flowers growing in my yard! They are ready for Spring!” JOHNNY shared how he loves to pick flowers in the yard for his Mommy. Naturally with all the beautiful blooms we have seen, we have also seen our share of birds, insects, and spiders! WHITNEY was so excited to tell us all about the bees and butterflies she sees in her yard. RYDER, CHARLIE, and DASH love “hunting” for bugs, slugs and spiders. The whole class was excited when the boys discovered a slug in the lavender!!
With the weather finally sunny (at least for a little while!), we moved on to adventure and excitement with our Camping unit. The kids were so excited to share about their experiences camping with their families: KOKO “We drove our cars into the desert. Bryce and I each had our own tent!” AIDAN B. “I went camping with Mommy, Daddy, and my sister. It was fun!” LILA told us that she “took a family picture and slept in a tent.” KATE was excited to share about a special time she camped with just her dad, “We went to Camp Timberwolf. We played on the beach!” One of our favorite projects during this unit is when we make s’mores! Yummy!! CODY shared how he loves to make s’mores when he camps with his family, “I love the chocolate!” and BENJAMIN  warned us to be careful when making s’mores, “Only Mommy or Daddy should light the fire. We wouldn’t want to get burned!” BRENDAN agreed with Benjamin, “S’mores are good, but we need to be safe when we are around a campfire!”
Old MacDonald had a farm! We wrapped up the month of April with Fun on the Farm. We enjoyed painting pink pigs, making duck puppets and playing Farm BINGO. With all the talk of animals, we asked the kids their favorites and what noise they make. MADDIE told us she loved painting the pink pig since pink is her favorite color. SAM SEITZ shared how much he loves seeing flowers grow when he visits the farm. GEORGIA and OLIVIA had fun MOO-ing with one another, while ANDREW and SAM STODDARD shared how horses are an important farm animal. CORINNE shared her favorite animals are ducks, “They say QUACK!”
As always, we love having families be a part of our classroom. There is still time to sign-up to be a guest reader on the calendar. The kids love having parents, grandparents, and siblings read favorite books from home at our closing circle. A warm “thank you” to Grandma Nina (Corinne’s grandmother) for reading one of our favorite books, Puff the Magic Dragon, and to Jen Dooley (Cate’s mom) for sharing Cate’s favorites with us. Thank you!
Though it seems impossible that we are nearing the end of our school year, we would like you to save the date for the CEDARS CLASS CELEBRATION! The Celebration will be held on FRIDAY, JUNE 16th at 10:00am, outside on the Growing Tree lawn. This should be a fun and exciting time for the kids. We welcome all Cedars and their families to attend this memorable celebration! We are so proud of your children and want to “celebrate” each and every one of them with you! Look for an invitation to be sent home soon!
We are also looking forward to visiting with all of you at the ANNUAL GROWING TREE FAMILY PICNIC on Thursday, May 18th from 5-7 pm. We hope you all will be able to make it!
It seems as if we just said Hello and Welcome, and now we must say Goodbye and Thank You. We want you to know how much we have enjoyed seeing your children grow! Seeing their happy smiles and hearing their laughter touch our hearts! Thank you for sharing your children with us this school year.
Have a great summer!
Shannon, Carrie, and Manal


photo (3)

Where has the time gone? It seems like such a short time ago that our year was just starting and now the end is rapidly approaching. But when we look at the children we can see significant changes. There is physical growth, of course, as they are all much bigger than they were in September, but the real growth is in the maturity they have developed. And while we are sad to think the children will be leaving, we are also gratified by their readiness to go on to new adventures and we are excited for them.
There are several important events coming up for the Redwoods and we want to be sure that you are aware of the times and places. We will be having our family picnic on Thursday May 18 from 5:00 to 7:00. This is always a fun filled event, giving everyone a chance to visit while having a yummy dinner. We hope to see everyone there.
The Redwoods graduation will be Thursday, June 15 starting at 9:00 AM. Graduation will be held at the Veteran’s Memorial Hall in Lafayette, 3780 Mt. Diablo Blvd. in Lafayette. Graduates need to arrive by 8:45 and parents will want to be early to get a good seat. If your graduate is unable to attend please let us know in advance. Graduation is a very special event and we hope you can all be there.
April was a busy month, starting with spring break and going right into spring, taking care of the earth and learning about the rain forest. The rain forest is a very important part of our world providing homes for animals and providing oxygen from all the green leaves. There are many rain forests in the world, with the largest ones being in South America, Costa Rica and Africa. “There’s lots of rain and sun and wind”, said GIGI “It rains a lot,” agreed RYLAN. “And there’s lots of trees”, continued A. J. “There’s flowers,” said TESSA. “There’s sun,” added LYLA P. “And it’s kind of cloudy,” MORGAN said. “It’s a type of forest and there’s lots of animals,” LYLA ROSE told us. “There’s toucans,” said A. J. “The birds are really colorful,” added MOMO. “It has some butterflies,” JULIETTE said. “And bumble bees,” said VAUGHN. “There are monkeys there,” said ALLISON. “It has monkeys,” agreed CARTER. “And ladybugs,” said JOHNNY. “There are gorillas,” added J. R. With all the beautiful plants and animals in the rain forests,we hope they will last forever. The Redwoods class is committed to helping to save the rain forests.
We talked about ways we can help take care of our earth and we made pledges to help.
I promise to take care of our earth by:
planting flower seeds- BRODY
watering the flowers- COULTER
picking up all kinds of trash-JESSICA
throwing garbage away-CHARLIE E
cutting just a little paper from the trees- ISABELLA
watering the flowers-JULIETTE
helping my Mommy water the flowers-POPPY
helping my Mom make our food-WYATT
growing vegetables-TYLER
taking garbage out of my back yard and garden-RYAN
watering plants and taking out garbage-TESSA
throwing garbage in the trash-CARIS
taking care of the blue whale in the ocean-CHARLIE R.
not wasting paper-JAMES
watering plants and picking up garbage-ISAAC
picking up trash by my house-LYLA C

In May, we will learn about the ocean, about farming, about what is up in the sky and all about camping as well as spending time getting ready for graduation. During our camping week, we will have pajama days—look for flyers about pajama days in the children’s cubbies.
It is with a mixture of sadness that the children will be moving on and excitement in anticipation of their new adventures, that we say good-bye. This year is such a special year in the life of your child and we are so glad you chose to give us the opportunity to spend time with your child this year. It’s been a year filled with having fun, building friendships and lots of learning thrown into the mix. We hope you will all come back to visit and share your new adventures with us. Luckily, we still have a few more weeks to spend as a class before we really have to say good-bye. It’s been a wonderful year and we have had so much fun spending it with your amazing children.

Miss Vicki, Miss Blake and Miss Sandy


photo 5

We can’t believe this is our last newsletter! Where has the year gone?!

We are definitely not ready to give your children up yet! April has been full of springtime activities: rain, rainbows, weather and butterflies. And we wrap up the month learning all about dinosaurs.

Our last Super Stars are Zane, Emi, Keira, Claire and Naomi! You all have been so wonderful in waiting your turn! Thank you all for a wonderful year of super stars! You all have made everyone feel so special!… each and every one of you are SUPER STARS!

We kick off May with a space theme – (May the 4th was a galactically fun day!) Our other themes include animals of all kinds – zoo, farm and water!

We hope to see all of you at  the Growing Tree Family Picnic, Thursday May 18 from 5-7. Watch for more information – coming soon!

In June, besides driving your children crazy with graduation practice, we will be focusing on Father’s Day and of course Summer FUN!

Mark your calendars for our Sequoia Graduation this year! We will be celebrating Thursday June 16th at 5:30. The big event takes place at the Lafayette Veteran’s Hall. We’ve begun to practice our songs and your children are very excited about the whole thing. More details will be available as we get closer to the big event!


As this is our last newsletter, Laureen, Rachel and Stephanie are getting a little sad; we want to tell you what a wonderful year your children have given us. We’ve had so much fun and gotten to know each other so well… we’ve become a real family. Our closeness shows in the way we all know each other so well…

We all know that…

KEIRA is quite the reader

CHLOE avoids drama, she’s friends with everyone

BEN is our Disney expert

COLIN loves his Monster Trucks and cars

NAOMI is a smarty-pants or “smarty sweater”

LUCI loves adding detail to her work

VIVIAN loves to observe everything

JAMES is an expert Lego builder

MAGGIE is always the first to try new things

BENNY is our research specialist

BELLA gives the best back rubs and snuggles

CAROLINE makes everyone around her happy

EMI is our fashionista

TRIPP is a born leader

LUKAS is our story teller

CLAIRE is quite the artist

MARY KATE can teach the class better than we can

CAMMY always has a smile

NIKO has the most creative imagination

ZOEY loves rules and order

ZANE is the mellowest

ANDREY gives the best hugs

AUGUST can out run us all on the playground

WE also want to take this opportunity to tell all you parents how wonderful you are… your incredible support, generosity, thoughtfulness and friendship have meant so much to us and we can’t being to tell you have much we’ve appreciated you… but thank you most of all for sharing your children with us. We’ll miss you!

Miss Stephanie, Miss Laureen and Miss Rachel


activity center adventures

The Growing tree garden has come to life, as the flowers and trees blossom around us! We have all been enjoying our afternoon nature walks. MARGOT and LUCY love pointing out the butterflies and birds we see! POPPY tells her friends “the flowers smell good”. ELENA and LOGAN like to hold hands and walk together-so sweet! FINN points out that “the grass is green just like my favorite color!” JONAH observed that “the trees have leaves again!”

Although we love our outside playtime in this warm weather, ISAAC and EVELYN are often eager to go inside and listen to a story! Moana and Monsters Inc have been the most popular lately. SUMMER always requests Big Pumpkin, making us all nostalgic for Halloween! BEN and DREW love pretending to pull the pumpkin off the vine during the song. OSKAR, CALLAN, and TORSTEN prefer to sing along!

We did a lot of projects about springtime this month. More specifically, the baby animals and plants that bloom around this time of year. The kids enjoyed making cotton tailed bunnies (as REESE said, “it’s so soft!”), bird nests, baby ducks and more! We had a fun and silly time using out thumbprints to make flowers. ALLISON laughed and told us that “the paint tickles!” DECLAN reminded us that “after spring it’s gonna be summer”. And DASH added “in the summer I get to go to the pool with my family”.

In May and June, we look forward to tasting fruit and then planting some fruit seeds that will grow through summer. We will do some baking projects, read Dr. Seuss books, make gifts for our families, and of course do some summer themed art projects! GRAYSON let us know that “when it’s summer it’s gonna be hot”, and his brother RYLAN added “yeah, and then we can go swimming”! SISI told her friends “after summer I’m gonna be four years old”. We love hearing everything your children have to tell us and watching them grow.

Sandy and I have enjoyed every moment of exploring and learning with all of our afternoon friends! We hope to see you all at Growing Tree’s Family Picnic on Thursday May 18th from 5pm-7pm.

Kelly and Sandy