November 2017 Newsletter

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November 10:                                     Veteran’s Day  (No School)

November 20-22:                                “Friendsgiving”  Week

November 23 and 24:                         Thanksgiving Break (No School)

December 18– January 1, 2018           Winter Break (No School – return Tuesday, Jan. 2)   

January 15,  2018:                               MLK Day  (No School)

September has come and gone and just like clockwork, there’s not a tear to be heard!  Our youngest have learned that Mom or Dad really does come back to get them and our oldest have fallen into their new routines with ease.  Besides, October means Halloween and there’s no place better than school to celebrate all the spooky fun! Halloween decorations and costumes were very popular topics for the whole month of October! We’ve learned not to put too much stock in what the children tell us they’ll be dressed as…We find it changes a few times throughout the month!

The Seedlings absolutely loved decorating pumpkins with paint and glitter – can never get enough glitter!

The Sprouts favorite song request this month was “Stirring our Brew” – They especially love singing the “wooooo wooooo” part!

Instead of stuffing their scarecrow with the usual newspaper, The Maples got to stuff their  scarecrow with dried fall leaves! Definitely worth the incredible mess it made!

The Mulberries couldn’t get enough of “Big Pumpkin” – Singing and “pulling on the vine”! They all know it by heart and ask for it over and over again!  Their teachers hear it in their sleep!

The Cedars loved brainstorming who was in their haunted house all night long (sung to the tune of Wheels on the Bus!).

The Sequoias all voted on what shape eyes, nose and mouth to carve on their pumpkin.  Not only did they learn how to tally, practice group decision making, but they also ended up with an awesome jack o lantern!

The Redwoods, social beings that they are,  loved talking about seeing all their friends at the Growing Tree  Halloween party.

 In fact, we all loved seeing all of you at Growing Tree’s Annual Halloween Family party.  Halloween is one of the children’s favorite holidays and their excitement is contagious!  We ‘re also always so impressed by our parents’ costume creativity!

On a separate note, we had our first emergency drill this month and all of the children did great!  Thanks to our wonderful teachers for preparing them so well!  We’ll be having another surprise drill next month .

On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, November 20-22, the children will celebrate our annual “Friendsgiving Week”  to give thanks for our wonderful friendships here at Growing Tree.  We will have different activities each day to celebrate friendship.  On Tuesday, we will make Friendship soup which most of the children will at least try but all can always point out the very vegetable they contributed!  We, at Growing Tree, are thankful for all of you, and we’re also thankful that everyone is happily settling into their Growing Tree routine!  Happy Thanksgiving to all of you and to your families!