March 2018 Newsletter

Growing Tree’s Newsletter

Director’s Message

Director’s Message

Dates to Remember:

March 5 – 9:  Registration for all currently enrolled families

March 12 – 16:  Registration for families on waitlist for current school year

March 19 – 23:  Open registration for all new families

March 29:  Summer camp info/registration forms emailed out

April 2 – 6:  Spring Break – no school

May 4: Last day to register for Summer Camp for guaranteed space.

May 17: School Picnic – Thursday, 5-7 p.m.

 May 28: Memorial Day – no school

June 14:  Redwoods Graduation 9:00 a.m. Sequoias Graduation 5:30 p.m. (both held at Veterans Hall in Lafayette)

June 15:  Cedars Celebration at Growing Tree and LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!

June 19 – August 10: Summer Camp

August 30: Back to School Open House

September 4: First Day of School 2018/19

REGISTRATION INFORMATION: No registration forms will be accepted prior to 8:00 a.m. on Monday, March 5th. Registration is always a busy time.  If you don’t hear from us, assume you got the days you requested.  We suggest taking a picture of your completed registration form for yourself so you remember what those days are!  As the forms come in, we number them and that is the order used to fill the daily class rosters.  While all currently enrolled children and their siblings are guaranteed space, if you want specific days, don’t wait until the end of the week to register. Please list a first and second choice schedule so that we can best accommodate you!

Registration for families on our current waiting list begins Monday, March 12.   Our enrichment class schedule will be the same next year (Schedule is posted in office) if that affects the days you want to sign up for.

Open registration for all new families begins Monday, March 19.

Our first “Intruder Drill” went amazingly well. It was clear that our wonderful teachers have been practicing our procedures.  It’s sad that we have to have such drills but at least the kids all thought it was  just a fun game. 

We can’t believe it’s already registration time for next Fall! It feels like this school year has just begun yet when we look at your children, it’s clear that a lot of growing has gone on since September!  Our oldest classes look so crowded all of a sudden, not because there are more kids, but because they’ve all just gotten so big!  Our three year olds are gaining confidence by leaps and bounds, always eager to jump into the next activity and we love how our youngest, our “babies”, are becoming so talkative – We finally get to find out what’s been going through those little heads!  Even siblings that were in carriers in September can now wobble to the office to choose their daily sticker.  We can’t wait until they’re all Growing Tree kids!