November 2018 newsletter

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November 12:                                     Veteran’s Day (No School)

November 20:                                    Friendsgiving Soup Day (Fun Thanksgiving activities Mon – Wed!)

November 22 and 23:                        Thanksgiving Break (No School)

December 24– January 4, 2019      Winter Break (No School)

                                                                Return Monday, January 7

January 21, 2019:                                MLK Day (No School)

Listen! Can you hear it? The tears have been replaced by laughter and happy chatter! Halloween decorations and costumes are two very popular topics right now! The children are so excited to point out all the spooky fun around their classroom and nothing gets the conversation going better than asking what they’re going to be for Halloween!

October means Halloween and getting the Growing Tree routine down pat! Everyone really has adjusted so well to their classroom routine!   One of the most important parts of our day is “morning circle”.   It’s a time to greet each other, stimulate our thoughts and senses, and set the tone for the day….

The Seedlings, Sprouts and Maples have learned what circle time is all about and it’s so cute to see them toddling or running over (depending on their age!) to join the group. Many already have favorite songs and movement activities!

The Mulberries and Cedars circle times now include “jobs” and all the children have a new sense of importance now that they’ve been given these new responsibilities! The first task is to identify whose name is being held up to choose a job– It’s so cute to watch their little eyes light up as they recognize their name: “Hey! That’s me!”

The Redwoods and Sequoias have the whole circle time thing down pat. They know what to anticipate and so their jobs must be much more challenging. The line leader entails much responsibility – The Redwoods line leader needs to stop everyone at the stop sign, look both ways, and make sure the coast is clear before leading his friends across the driveway to the playground. The Sequoias line leader counts each child before going outside, challenging her one to one correspondence skills, and hopefully, counts the same number of children when coming back inside!

We loved seeing all of you at Growing Tree’s annual Halloween Family Fun House. Halloween is one of the children’s favorite holidays and their excitement is contagious! All of your costumes (children and parents!) demonstrated what we already knew – You guys are very creative and a whole lot of fun!

We also had our first emergency drill this month and all of the children did great! Thanks to our wonderful teachers for preparing them so well. We will have another drill on a different day in November.

On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, November 19th through 21st, the children will celebrate “Friendsgiving Week” and take time to be thankful for all of our new friends. We will have a different celebration activity each day. Tuesday is Friendship Soup Day, so if your child comes on Tuesday, be sure to bring in a vegetable Tuesday morning to put in the pot! The whole week is a lot of fun for everyone!

We, at Growing Tree, are thankful for all of you, and we’re also thankful that everyone is happily settling into their Growing Tree routine! Happy Thanksgiving to all of you and to your families.


 Kids need limits to grow happy and healthy!

 Make a schedule for meal times, sleep times, technology time.

  1. Think of what is GOOD for them – not what they WANT/DON’T WANT. They are going to thank you for that later in life! Parenting is a hard job. You need to be creative to make them do what is good for them because, most of the time, that is the exact opposite of what they want!
  2. Kids need breakfast and nutritious food. They need to spend time outdoors and go to bed at a consistent time in order to come to school available for learning the next day!
  3. Convert things that they don’t like doing/trying into fun, emotionally stimulating games.


                                                                                    Victoria Prooday

                                                                                   Registered Occupational Therapist