December 2019/January 2020 Newsletter

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Director’s Message
gtlogogreenDecember 2019 – January 2020

Dates to Remember:

December 23–January 3, 2020  Winter Break – no school (return January 6th)
January 20                                      Martin Luther King Day – no school
February 8                                      Valentine Party 10:00-11:00
February 14 and 17                        Presidents’ Days – no school
March 2-6                                       Registration for all currently enrolled families
March 16-20                                   Registration for all new families
March 25                                         Summer Camp info/reg forms emailed out
March 30-April 3                           Spring Break – no school

The holidays are upon us and the magic they bring is felt no where greater than here at Growing Tree.  We are so happy to have all of our friends back at school again to share the holidays together! We love hearing about all the different traditions that get played out year after year – your children’s excited anticipation of these events is contagious!  Whatever the tradition or holiday may be,  your children are always most excited to tell us about the grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins that they will get to see and celebrate with.  Your children have already learned that it’s spending time with the people you love that make any holiday extra special.  So please share a little bit of your family holiday by sending in your holiday cards – we love “showing off” our families in the office windows!

Besides family, we are always thankful for our friends and celebrated with our annual “Friendsgiving Week”.  Your children created beautiful table decorations on Monday and gifts for our friendship gift exchange on Tuesday.  Despite having no kitchen and threats of power outages, we still managed to pull off our annual Friendsgiving Soup on Thursday thanks to crock pots and instapots!  We at Growing Tree enjoy our own family traditions even if we have to improvise a little!

Now that we’re all together again, it’s like our school year was never disrupted – all of the children have adjusted so well to be being back at school and have easily fallen back into their routine! It’s so fun to see their interactions and what engages them at their different stages of development

Our littlest guys are frequently more interested in snuggling up with a beloved teacher than hanging out with friends. While they enjoy playing side by side with a buddy, what they’re doing is far more important than with whom they’re doing it.

Our three year olds are discovering that any activity, whether it be coloring, playing house, or tearing around in the yard is really much more fun when doing it with a friend; At this age, you hear more excited laughter and enthusiastic voices as friends share a fun experience.

Our four and five year olds still enjoy interacting with their teachers, but we can’t compete with a good buddy.  At this age, the children watch the door in anticipation of their friends walking in and quickly engage them in a morning activity.  Who the children are playing with is becoming as important if not more so than the activity being played and so these children quickly become aware of the value of compromise and cooperation…They’re learning how to be a good friend!

We wish everyone in our Growing Tree family a wonderful holiday season filled with fun and loving memories!

December Article:  Random Acts of Kindness

Take on the kindness challenge!  Encourage everyone in your family to do something  nice for someone else every day.  Explain to your youngster that kindness can be as simple as lending a crayon to a classmate or smiling at someone who looks sad.

At dinner, share your kind acts with each other.  Maybe you got lunch for a busy coworker or your child comforted a friend who got hurt on the playground.  Ask your youngster how she felt when she was being kind and how she thinks the other person felt.