Developmental Ages and Stages

Our SEEDLINGS  ( 18 m – 2 ) are the very beginning of the fun at school!

 After feeling safe and secure they are anxious to participate.

Holding a cork in hand and dipping it into the paint and then making a big SPLAT

 right on the tree ! A big laugh – and then let’s do it all over again!

…until the next distraction takes them on  to a new adventure!








Our SPROUTS (2-2  1/2 ) are getting a good start on their growing!

 Most all will allow a trusted teacher to hold their hand and put paint ON it!

When the hand creates the leaves of the tree there is joy, wonder

and  shared smiles in working together!









Our MAPLES ( 2  1/2 – 3 ) can work with  friends,

 teachers, and enjoy the process!

But the most important part is the GLUE …..

Watching it flow and drip is only the beginning. Then

 proudly calling out each fall color as that “leaf”

gets pressed on –  these trees are growing lots of new leaves !









Our MULBERRIES ( 3-3  1/2 ) are developing the

 fine motor skills necessary to pin point

 just what they want to do!

Tiny fingerprints scatter over ready branches.

Leaves can be on the tree or falling to the ground.

Each tree has its own personality just like our friends!









Our CEDARS ( 3  1/2-4 ) can picture the tree in their minds!

The trunk and  branches are hand made and look like the trees we see outside!

Going on a leaf hunt and then  gluing on real leaves helps make the connection

between art and nature. The use of texture incorporates  added dimension.












Our REDWOODS ( 4-4  1/2 ) are strong and capable learners!

Their fine motor skills now allow them to not only create the shape of a tree,

but also to do so in a flowing, more natural way.

The children give thought to the placementof their leaves as their sense of aesthetics grows.

These children are preparing for Kindergarten entry for the  following Fall season.











Our SEQUOIAS ( 4  1/2- 5 + ) are the biggest kids at Growing Tree!

Using the medium of crayon resist, their fine motor skills and sense of color

 come together to create a fall sunset backround.

These trees are rooted in the ground and have arranged branches reaching up

through layers of earth and sky.

All of our Sequoia’s are reaching the end of their Growing Tree days

and the beginning of Kindergarten.