Family Events

Before the start of each school year, we have an open house/back to school afternoon. This is a time for you to come to school with your child, meet the teachers (if you don’t already know them!) and check out the classroom.

In October, we have a Halloween carnival the Saturday before Halloween. The whole family is invited ! The children have a variety of activities to do, and get to “trick or treat” before they leave. Halloween is probably one of the more exciting and enjoyable days for children. Becoming your favorite super-hero or princess is hard to beat!

The Saturday before Valentine’s Day, we have a family morning with card-making, necklace-making and cookie decorating. We also have ‘family portraits’ taken and a valentine treat to take home.

Throughout the school year, each classroom also invites parents to participate in several individual classroom events. There is a guest reader sign up in one room, a special Mothers’ Day presentation in another and all of our older classrooms have a special family sharing day for each child once during the school year.

We realize that the circle of interactions among parents, teachers, children and their families is what allows each child to feel fully comfortable while here at school! The school year ends with a family picnic here at school on our big lawn area. A BBQ, silliness, fun and relaxation are the order of the early evening event!